An Update From Steve

October 8, 2014
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Thanks to the many of you that have inquired about my condition since the cycling accident and have been praying for me.  I am deeply grateful!  The surgery was successful thanks to God’s gracious help and my gifted surgeon.  Dr. Thomas came in to pray with me before surgery, asking God for wisdom and guidance.  What a blessing and comfort!

Now six weeks later, my ribs are fully healed, my voice is strong and I have resumed our touring schedule.  Physical therapy is going well and will continue for several months until I have regained full use of my left arm.

In the unexpected down time I was reminded of some important things.  The outpouring of kindness from friends and family surprised me.  During a time of weakness, those around me showed tenderness that was overwhelming.  Weakness and dependency is not my default; I prefer to be strong and independent.  But the illusion of strength often keeps others away.  In reality I am in need of others all the time.

Taking time off from traveling, singing and speaking, forced me to remember my true identity.  I am not what I do!  My life and identity are in Christ.  It sounds simple but is such a liberating truth.

God provided in every way during the two-months I had to stop.  Even though the healing is slow, it is still miraculous!  I want everything instantly!  God’s timetable made me be still and remember that He sovereignly rules all things.  His provision came from unexpected places!  Our Father is tender, and His loving-kindness continues to give us sustaining joy.

I am thrilled to be back at the work God has given me, but more aware than ever of my frailty and the fact that life can change in an instant!  So, for health and strength to serve my King I am grateful.

Continued blessings to each of you,


  • Karen

    Praying for a Speedy Recovery!
    Blessing being sent your way. Karen, NJ

  • Mary Ann

    Your songs lead me in prayer and lift my spirit before God’s throne – thank you – praying for your full recovery

  • Jonathan

    Thats good to hear you are doing well

  • Jader Flores

    Hola amigo, que la gracia de nuestro Señor Jesucristo te acompañe siempre como lo a sido hasta hoy. Lo que Dios a hecho en esos dos meses es que te ha vivificado, mostrándote su amor y ternura y que tiene especial cuidado; Te ha quebrantado sí, pero te ha vivificado, te ha envuelto en su gloria y te ha hecho resplandecer como la aurora, así brillara tu luz a perpetuidad porque tus obras son en Dios.

  • Dennis Owen Robbins

    God bless you my friend, you have been a source of blessing and encouragement for 3 decades. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for being an instrument of praise to our God.

  • Jorge Soriano

    I’m so Glad to know you are much better and to know you have recognized the sovereignty of God in the middle of this situation. Many people were praying for your recovery and reading these words is the answer of our prayers. May God continue blessing your life, your family and your ministry. Grettings from Dominican Republic.

  • Aaron

    Hi Steve! I met you and your wife last August at the Nashville Airport en route to Florida. You were both so gracious! Thank you. I wish I could have told you how much your music has inspired me since my college years at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, when you sang with the Gaither Vocal Band! I speak Spanish and German, so your Spanish songs were a BIG blessing and help to maintain fluency while worshipping our Savior Jesus! I p.ray God uses you greatly in Germany! 3 John 2, My email is if you could write me an email. I just went to CUBA over Christmas on a mission trip! I highly recommend Cuba to you for a gospel concert! Our brothers/sisters in Christ are building God’s kingdom and winning souls

  • Lorenzo Jiménez

    Gracias a Dios por tu recuperación, por lo que aprendiste en esta situación, y por lo que nosotros también aprendimos. Y es que muchos y muchas te quieren! Sigue adelante en Cristo Jesús!


    Steve Saludos, me han preguntado si usted pertenece a alguna denominacion cristiana. Pertenece a alguna denominacion?


    Are member of some religion?

  • Mark Burnam

    Check out a video on Lincolnway Christian Church’s Facebook, titled
    “In the worst possible pain, is God still good?”.4/26/2015 I tell a story of a Steve Green song that was comforting at a very difficult time.

  • rachel

    hi Steve green i wanted to leave a comment on you but i didn’t know how. I just wanted to say that my name is rachel richardson.I don’t know if you remember my grandpa butch Franny. anyways he died not to long ago and he told me that you visted his church once I don’t remember where. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do your songs help me get through what I am going through. Thanks

  • vicresha

    sir, i love your song which is God and God alone. Do you have a story behind of this song?

  • jacqui love

    estoy sumamente desesperado
    de tener estas pista en español please

    dime como lo consigo como puedo comprarlos

    hemano necesito comprar dos producciones en pista como lo consigo

  • Eli

    Es cierto que hay que dar el reconocimiento debido a toda
    persona; sin embargo ahora entiendo que el objetivo de nosotros como hijos de
    Dios es dar a conocer a nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Te digo esto porque hace
    mucho tiempo que vengo escuchando tus canciones pero nunca supe tu nombre o si
    alguna vez lo escuche lo olvidé rápido pero lo que se quedaba en mí era el
    deseo de cantarle a Dios con esas hermosas letras que el Señor te inspiró (una
    y otra vez). Sé que continuarás siendo un siervo útil a nuestro Señor hasta el último
    aliento de tu vida. QDTB.

  • Ike

    Oh gosh Steve! I did not know about your accident. I hope all is well. Love your music.

  • saadat rahim

    great really great.

  • Jenni Bender

    I just sent you an email through your website and of course I did not know about your accident or your injuries! Praise the Lord for His mercy over you! He loves His children so well! It is so good to know that anything coming to us is from His hand, and comes only with the lessons we need and in His most gentle way. Will be praying for your continued healing and recovery. God bless you!