Midnight Clear Medley

Good News

Good news, good news
An angel brings good news

Close your eyes and fold your hands
For a moment let your sorrow fade
Why, why are you afraid
Has this world stripped you of your faith
Close your eyes and on bended knee
Listen to an angel pray
Then once again prepare the way
So you see a gift that’s given

Behold a time of joy
Behold a baby boy

Good new, good news
An angel brings good news
Good new, Good news
I leave with you good news

Bow your head and speak not a word
Let the silence take you far from here
The Spirit of a child dry every tear
And may your doubts thus disappear
Bow your head and on bended knee
Hear the story once again
The child grew up to wear a cross
The child grew up to pledge a life
Behold the time of joy
Behold, Christ a baby boy

Words and Music by Rob Mathes
1996 River Oaks Music/ Maybe I can Music/BMI
(Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)

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