Will You Forgive (Download)

Steve Green Ministries

Will You Forgive (Download)


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Lord will You forgive
Will You forgive my sin
Though it was done in Eden’s night
Where Adam sinned before?

Lord will You forgive, the sin in which I run
And running still, though still I do deplore?
Will You forgive? Will You forgive?
And when You’re done
Lord You’re not done, for I have more

Lord will You forgive, will You forgive the sin
Through which I’ve won my friend to sin
And made my sin their door?
Lord will You forgive the sin that I did shun
A year or two but wallowed in the score?

But how Your Word assures
That when I’ve breathed my last
I will not perish on the shore
You promise me Lord
That at my death Your Son will shine
As He shines now forevermore

You forgive
And when You’re done, Lord, You are done
You forgive, You forgive
And when You’re done Lord, You are done
And I fear no more
I fear no more

Words and Music by Steve Green
(adapted from “Hymn to God” by John Donne)
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