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Founder’s Fund allows you to be part of our ministry in a very unique way. Through your generous support and donations over the years, we have been privileged to see many people blessed, encouraged and come to Christ. Thank you to all of our faithful members. We could not do it without you. Not a member yet? Would you like to get involved? You can help sponsor our ministry domestically as well as our international outreach and tours, by joining the Founder’s Fund and becoming a member or by simply giving a donation.

Since the release of his first recording in 1984, Steve has communicated the gospel through music in all 50 states and in 27 countries around the world. After 32 years and 2,500 concerts, the goal of Steve Green Ministries remains the same: to give a rational, compelling and clear instruction into essential elements of Christianity. Through recorded music, Steve strives to recount the gospel, telling the Biblical story of Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and New Creation. This gospel sets forth Jesus Christ as the living Savior, Master, Life, and Hope of all who put their trust in Him. Also, he earnestly desires to see God’s people awakened and renewed to a fervent devotion for Christ, responding to our Lord’s call to be His people in this generation for His glory.
Over the past few years, Steve and his brother David have considered expanding the area of international ministry, which has already been their ongoing priority. One of the realities we deal with is that it costs more to tour internationally as a concert ministry. We are often surprised to discover the high cost of securing venues, production rental, and advertising. Many of the countries we visit have weaker economies than the United States, which creates a greater financial burden for the sponsoring local churches and organizations. In our effort to encourage foreign sponsors, Steve Green Ministries has absorbed most of the expenses thus far. In the past, there has been a significant budget surplus to cover operating expenses to enable continued international tours. Our current goal is to fully fund all our international concerts each year.
Since the inception of Steve Green Ministries in 1984, we have not had a planned giving program for the ministry. God has graciously provided for all of our needs. Over the years, many people have made contributions to Steve Green Ministries, and others have expressed their interest in supporting the ministry should a specific vision be outlined and a plan for giving developed. The purpose of establishing the Founder’s Fund is to enable the realization of an ongoing mission endeavor funded apart from the existing SGM operating budget. Our philosophy is to live and operate within the current financial provision. We believe the creation of the Founder’s Fund will allow us to expand our international touring without creating a financial burden for the international sponsors. By having our operating expenses underwritten, we will be able to offer international concert ministry with no honorarium requirement. A selected committee will establish and oversee the fund development. An annual report will be made to the donors, covering all distributions during the calendar year and listing the ministries accomplished. The greatest opportunities lie ahead as we respond to invitations from around the world, seeking to proclaim and live the truth for Christ’s sake.

International Projects

Across the street or around the world has been an anthem for Steve Green Ministries since its beginnings in 1984.  Steve receives numerous invitations for international ministry every year.  Thank you for helping him respond to these opportunities!

2018-2019 Project Goals:

These are the projects we are praying about, trusting God for direction.  We cannot do it without you and appreciate your encouraging support through the years. Thank you!

  • Canada – December 2018
  • Ecuador – December 2018
  • Philippines – April 2019

The funds needed for these mission trips are $60,000

Domestic Projects

SGM domestic projects include recording projects, ongoing concert ministry, and speaking engagements.  As a non-profit ministry, our goal is to respond to as many invitations as we can.  Your support helps us continue the privilege of communicating the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ through music and message.  Thank you!

2018-2019 Project Goals:

Here are some projects in the works.  You can click on the projects below to see more detail.

  • Spanish Studio Album
  • Hide the Word Volume 2 (Kids Project)

You can also contribute to our domestic fund. What you may not know is that we are determined to respond to invitations in the US, in spite of financial limitations. In other words, we try to say ‘yes’ to every request, even if our budget needs are not met. Your support to our domestic fund helps us make up the difference. We appreciate you in more ways than we could ever express. Thank you!

The funds needed to complete these projects is $60,000