Midnight Clear Medley

Jesu, Light of Lights

In the heart of hearts
In that lonely place
There is only desperation
Brokeness and pride
In the heart of hearts
In that darkened space
There is only fear and trembling
Crying now for grace

Jesu, Light of lights
Jesu, Life of lives
Shine inside my heart of hearts
Jesu, Light of lights

This , the heart of hearts
Beating to redeem
Love patient and enduring Born on Christmas Eve
On that night of nights
Hope’s eternal flame
Burning for each lost and lonely soul
For these tears He came

Jesu, Light of lights
Born this holy night
Beacon, shine out from the darkness
Jesu, light of lights
Shine inside my heart of hearts
Jesu Light, Jesu Light of lights

Word and Music by Rob Mathes and Phil Naish
1996 River Oaks Music/ Maybe I can Music/ BMI
(Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)/ Davaub Music/ ASCAP

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